Sunday, 20 November 2011

Brighten Your Holiday Season

This is our first draft of our Christmas add,  Going up at the Movie Mill shortly, we were trying to do something around the new 100 bill and with  christmas around the corner, this is what our marketing group came up with,

Monday, 24 October 2011

Self-Storage Not Working

Transferring archives to self-storage may alleviate a shortage of office space but it brings its own difficulties and inefficiencies.

There are a number of factors acting against self-storage being a workable long-term solution for the storage and management of archives:

§  Archiving and file retrieval are generally the most disliked office functions

§  Files expand to fill the available space

§  The natural way of things with archives is chaos

It is difficult enough for staff to deal with these factors and manage files in your office – even more so in a remote facility

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Awkwardness Over The Turkey

You know things are going downhill when a relative at the Thanksgiving table says to another, “What do you mean by that?”  At that point the awkwardness kicks in. Then so much for the thankful part. Family functions are often times when all those unresolved issues from all the years past sit down with us at the table. We try to pretend everything is all right.  But despite believing it is hidden from immediate view the tension is very evident to everyone present. 
And then the rest of the day is spent watching each other to build up ammunition for what will be talked about at Christmas. Who got up from the table first? Who fell asleep after dinner? Who had a second plate of turkey?
I wish we didn’t put so much pressure on ourselves this holiday. Bottom line, I just want to be grateful; grateful for the fact that I have a family… that I have a great country to live in… that I am alive and kicking today.  And I find that in my moments of gratitude, when I am truly thankful, I tend to forget the past wrongs done to me.
Today I want to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving. I wish for you a strong sense of gratitude that will outweigh the frustrations.
And I want to again remind you that we here at File Solutions would love for you to be part of our family of clients… clients who count on us to store and manage their information assets everyday. 
Records and information management is critical to business continuity, legal compliance, customer satisfaction and profitability. Let me help you discover the perfect solution for your business!

Monday, 26 September 2011

Records storage essential says Metrofile

Records storage essential says Metrofile
Records storage essential says Metrofile
Published:2011/09/26 07:43:12 AM

LISTED document storage company Metrofile warned on Friday that directors of local businesses needed to ensure they fully complied with the latest record-keeping regulations in terms of the new Companies Act.

This was necessary in order to avoid potential legal action and, in some cases, imprisonment and business closure, the company said.

Metrofile’s business is focused on the management of information and records storage.

Richard Buttle, the chief financial officer of Metrofile Holdings , said the new Companies Act clearly stipulated that local businesses needed to securely store and manage select, key company records for up to seven years, highlighting the importance of good records management practices.

In terms of the act, companies are required to keep documents such as reports presented at annual general meetings, annual financial statements, accounting records, notices, minutes and resolutions of all shareholder meetings. They also have to keep any documents made available by the company to the holders of the securities in relation to such resolutions.

Also, the act required that records be kept in written form or a format in which they could be easily retrieved and converted into written form within a reasonable time, he said.

"Businesses need to realise that company information and records are assets and should begin to treat these documents as such," said Mr Buttle.

Natasha Bouwman, legal specialist at the Institute of Directors in Southern Africa, said it was "vitally important" for all directors to ensure they complied with the act by conducting a detailed compliance review, as well as seeking expert advice from internal or external legal advisers.

"Compliance software programs can also be utilised to measure compliance with the new Companies Act, but care should be taken that these programs sufficiently cover the entire act’s provisions," she said

Mr Buttle said the act required certain company records to be accessible to shareholders or members, and must be open to inspection at all times.

"Due to the complexity of retention periods paired with the need for instant accessibility, storage space and data back-up requirements, an effective record management system must be implemented to ensure that compliance with the new act’s regulations are met," he said.

This month, Metrofile reported a 38,2% increase in headline earnings per share to 18,1c for the year to June. Revenue was up 12,4% to R460,5m. The company said there was still a demand for paper storage despite the growth of electronic record keeping. Paper storage grew 10%-12%.

Metrofile is expanding its business operations into Nigeria and Ghana, with some key countries in East Africa such as Kenya likely to be next

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Tape Vrs Cloud

Below is a link that has an article that is very persuasive for organizations to use tape as a backup medium rather than sending everything into the “cloud”. Hope it helps.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Dog Days Of Summer

Have you heard that line… it’s so hot you could fry an egg on the hood of your car. My friend told me about someone who did just that. This heat seemed like the perfect opportunity to test that theory. So he tried it. Dumb move the guy admitted. It didn’t really work.

The yoke got into the windshield washer nozzle, and the clear gooey whites ran down and dripped on the fender and now his car smells a bit like it drove through the breakfast kitchen at Denny’s Lesson learned. Car hoods are not effective cooking devices no matter how hot it feels.

Maybe the heat made him do it. Heat does seem to make people do strange things.

In the heat of these days I just wanted to remind you that File Solutions is continuing to manage the documents and files of companies just like yours throughout our region. If you are feeling the heat of dealing with your inactive and archival file situation, then let us cool things off for you by providing the relief of our comprehensive storage management solutions.

Records and information management is critical to business continuity, legal compliance, customer satisfaction and profitability. Let me help you discover the perfect solution for your business!

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Paper is not going anywhere

Author: Alex Brasil, Consultant – ICT Practice

Technology futurists began predicting the death of paper-based documents as early as the

1980’s, which led to numerous articles about a utopian paper-free work place. Almost

thirty years later, these predictions have been proven wrong as the adoption of new

technologies has ironically contributed to a massive increase in the use of paper
While not explicitly referring to physical documents, one study estimated that 161 exabytes

of data were created in 2006 and that, by 2010, that number would increase exponentially

to a staggering 988 exabytes a year
 With this level of new content growth, there is no

doubt that the use of paper-based documents will also rise.

Take for example the process of buying a property. This paper intensive process requires

over 20 unique documents to be filled out, initialed, signed and processed, which then

generates numerous additional paper-based documents. Each of the documents that pass

through the hands of the mortgage broker and real estate agent must be processed and

shared with multiple parties, such as an attorney, insurance company, county clerk, bank,

Title Company, and more. In addition, many of the documents generated must be archived

for months, years or decades depending on corporate governance policies and government


When considering the sheer number of paper-based documents involved in a business

transaction such as buying real estate, it’s clear that eliminating paper documents is

impractical and, due to the fact that paper documents are the preferred standard, trying to

remove them from the process could lead to unacceptable business delays. Instead of trying

to eliminate paper, careful attention should be paid to the business processes that create

paper-based documents in order to discern how to best integrate the management of paper

documents, electronic conversion and storage to help alleviate the pain points of paper

whilst maintaining its advantages.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Advice My Parents gave me

Words that soak into your ears are whispered not yelled

Don’t Judge folks by their Relatives
You can not unsay a cruel word

If your thinking your so important, try ordering somebody else’s dog around
The best sermons are lived, not preached
It doesn’t take a very big person to carry a grudge

Live simply Love generously  Care deeply Speak kindly

Meanness don’t jes happen overnight


Keep your fences horse high, pig tight & bull strong

Keep Skunks, bankers & lawyers at a distance

A bee is considerably faster than a John Deer tractor
Dont do something stupid!! or if  it had to do with Machinery, or Motorcyles, Dont do something stupid and get hurt !!

Timing has a lot to do with the outcome of rain dance

Don’t corner something that would normally run away from you

Forgive your enemies, it messes with their heads

Sometimes you get & sometimes you get got