Monday, 12 March 2012

Cost Savings & Efficiency Opps



Infrastructure Costs: Documents take up space, and

space costs money. You want to minimize the amount

of valuable real estate dedicated to storing information,

so that space can be put to more valuable use. You also

want to identify and cut the hidden costs associated with

storing, retaining, and shredding paper.


Productivity Costs: The time spent searching for,

waiting for, or simply handling information drives up

inefficiency and costs. It also does little to energize

your business.


Compliance Costs: The fines and penalties associated

with the inability to show consistent processes for

protecting vital records, proving chain-of-custody, and

safeguarding private information can be staggering.


Litigation and Audit Support Costs: An external

audit of your records or a legal action involving

your company can be quite costly unless you are

well prepared to face outside scrutiny. The disruption

to your everyday operations, as well as the potential

penalties for non-compliance, can put your business

at risk.