Monday, 4 November 2013

Why Do I Need Document Storage?

Posted on: October 25th, 2012 by Kevin Jones

You may be asking yourself this question and wondering what the benefits of offsite document storage would be to your business.
The paperless office has been promised for a long time ever since the day computers & laptops became commonplace in our offices and daily lives. Unfortunately as the owners of many businesses have discovered the paperless office has yet to become a reality leaving us with large volumes of boxes & files in our Offices, Store Rooms, Basements and roof spaces. These boxes & files can take up a surprising amount of space and sadly destroying the documents isn’t always an option as we may need them in the future or possibly be legally obligated to retain them for a period of time before having them confidentially destroyed.
The most likely solution to your Document Storage needs is the solution offered by File Solutions Ltd. We are a professional document management company and specialize in Document Storage, Document Management, Document Shredding and Secure Vault Storage using our custom built facility.
File Solutions  manage your documents from the moment one of our vehicles picks up your boxes and files to the moment they are either returned to your care or confidentially destroyed in our Document Shredding Facility. All boxes and files are barcoded on collection and scanned onto our vehicle ensuring reliable and complete traceability at all times. On arrival at our Document Storage Facility your boxes and files are scanned again to confirm receipt before being allocated to a specific area of the facility for storage. File Solutions has become a strategic partner of O’Neil Records Management Software & Hardware which ensures that your documents are managed effectively and that there location and status is known at all times
File Solutions Document Storage Facility has been custom built to meet the storage needs of modern businesses and features:
  • Fire & Intruder Alarms linked directly to the emergency services
  • CCTV throughout the facility both externally and internally
  • Access Control which restricts movement around the facility to authorised personnel only
  • Secure Vault Storage for more sensitive documents featuring additional security and an automatic fire suppression system
Additionally our staff are CRB checked and have been highly trained in Document Management providing you peace of mind that your important files and documents are in the hands of professionals.
So to summerise the benefits of offsite document storage for you business would include:
  • Freeing up valuable office space
  • Reducing costs in time and money of managing your documents in house
  • Knowing your documents are being professionally managed by our team of experts
  • Storage in a secure location with state if the art fire detection & intruder control systems
  • Rapid Retrieval of your documents when needed
  • Nationwide Collections & Deliveries by our fleet of vehicles
With these benefits in mind why not find out how we can work with you to manage your Document Storage needs by contacting us today